Animal Rights Reserved charity is a family endeavour born in 2010 founded by Margaret Zak, dedicated to supporting, protecting and preserving wildlife, and aiding sustainable human development.


After years of planning, all was finalised at the end of 2010 and we soon sprung into action by purchasing a modern mobile vet unit that covers the entire area surrounding  Lake Naivasha’s, ranches and conservancies to Hell’s Gate National Park, Lake Nakuru national Park, Ruma, Mt. Elgon National Parks and nearby areas all the way to and including when needed the Masai Mara.


We aim to cater to all animals, and bring urgent help wherever it may be needed. From poaching incidents, through difficult births, to infections, our vet is on-call 24 hours a day and can handle anything wildlife throws his way. We also run research concerning the surrounding ecosystems, and create methods of improving their health.

The ARR Reserve consists of 2000 acres across Mundui and Kongoni Estates, both with varying landscapes and a wealth of wind animals it’s serves as the perfect spot to reintroduce the many rescued or relocated animals.


2012 was the year the Veterinary Clinic & Animal Orphanage was formed on the grounds of Kongoni Game Valley. Any orphaned animals, or ones unable to fend for themselves in the wild due to an illness or disability, can mend in a calm safe environment, free from any danger. Our goal is to eventually release all our animals back into the wild, and where that may not be possible, work closely with KWS in order to provide them with the most suitable alternative.


Our aims, as a non-profit charity, include the protection, preservation and support of the environment, biodiversity, endangered species, and all related research. We reach these aims by maintaining awareness of the important role the environment plays in everyone’s lives, and providing sustainable alternatives to biodiversity degradation caused by human development. ARR mitigates these negative effects and furthers scientific research in order that suitable options can be presented to the people most in need of economic development. We want to make conservation information freely available to all and work closely with local communities in order to create a healthy, thriving environment and community.


The map below outlines just some of the local areas which we cover, and shows the two estates we now call the ARR reserve. We help the surrounding areas of Hell's Gate National Park, as well as all Wildlife Ranches, Conservancies and Wildlife dispersal areas around Naivasha. We have had call outs as far as Lake Nakuru National Park, Ruma, Mt. Elgon National Parks and even the Masai Mara when their resident vet is away. Soon, we hope to cover the entire country and spread even beyond its borders.