We are currently trying to raise funds to purchase a truck with a crane for the use in Translocations (capture, transport and release) of the larger animals, which otherwise may have to be put down due to human conflict. Please help by making a donation and contribute towards this vital cause, more information below.

THE PROBLEM To often we are called to a case where large game like Rhino, Elephants, Buffalo Hippo and Zebra has got into a built up area due to the increasing population & development of Kenya, Not wanting any people to be harmed they are often put down as we don’t have the equipment needed to safely relocate them to a safe area. This situation, labelled as ‘human wildlife conflict’ has got increasingly more serious over the years. We will often try to sedate the animals and relocate them quickly using our Emergency use Pick Up Vehicle, as successfully achieved in our promotional video with a Zebra. However it is dangerous for them to kept sedated for this long a time and distance. It is hard to keep an eye on how they are doing and not wanting them to wake up, and so their heart rate can reduce and they can pass away. THE SOLUTION The reason for the creation of ARR was to aid the government (KWS) in their task of looking after the animals of Africa, especially in our local area of Naivasha where there was previously little help. Our founder Margaret Zak has helped by setting up our own Mobile Veterinary Team, fully kitted out ARR Rescue Vehicle, emergency use Pick up Vehicle and Rehabilitant Centre / office stationed at Kongoni. But due to increased demand we are now trying to raise the funds as quickly as possible to purchase a large vehicle with crane and cage. We have spoken with a garage who can aid us in getting a tuck fitted with a lifting crane and a cage made from KWS contacts. This would aid in the rescue of hundreds and hundreds of animals every year, and very immortally in the translocation of Rhino and Elephant who are under great threat from poachers. HOW TO HELP We have a range of secure options available for people wanting to donate to our cause, please see our donations page. We also have private and corporate packages available, taking advantage of our fully staffed and absolutely beautiful guest lodge Kongoni, or take advantage of the local knowledge of our bookings and management team to create an entirely bespoke trip. Please contact Edward through the contact us page to ask about out our Gold, Bronze and Silver all inclusive packages to Kenya. Or if you want to get involved. More information to come shortly regarding the packages available and ways to be involved with this fundraising project. Thank You. Donations over £50 will receive a thank you on our fundraising thermometer below and appear on a Plaque that will be attached to the Vehicle



Soon we hope to complete the Veterinary Centre & Orphanage to provide on going care and a safe environment for animals. The lab, living quarters and office for the team is completed, and we have a large paddock area with a barn to rehabilitate animals. This has been built on the grounds of the ARR/KWS Sanctuary located on our ARR Reserve (Kongoni Game Valley) a short walk from the guest lodge.


Many orphaned animals, or ones unable to fend for themselves in the wild due to an illness or disability, can mend in this calm safe environment, free from any danger. Our goal is always to release the animals back into the wild, and where that may not be possible due to age, ill health or having becoming to tame, work closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service(KWS) in order to provide them with the most suitable alternative to live. Upon completion, necessary permissions and funds of the ARR Animals Orphanage we hope to be able to aid KWS in keeping animals out of harms way and with us on the Reserve. The funds for this project will go to providing further care for these animals, purchase and maintenance of animal enclosures. Once complete we aim to be utilized the centre for education to raise awareness of the situation regarding poaching, human conflict and global environmental issues. (April 2015)



Please see link for an example of a collaboration we have done with the artist and friend David Farrer Sculptor & Photographer James Alexander. If you would like to work with us on a joint venture, raising awareness for each others projects or passions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.